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Sign up for individual/paired music lessons
and Music Theory Group lessons

Music lessons are taught face-to-face at our Music School held at Walthamstow School for Girls and at Chingford C of E school.

  • Lesson slots are available for 20 or 30 minutes each week with one of our specialist instrumental or vocal tutors

  • Music Theory is taught in small groups for 30 minutes

  • Each term is 10 weeks long

  • We are trialing a limited number of paired lesson slots as a more affordable way for beginners to learn an instrument.

PLEASE NOTE - there may be a waiting list for some instrumental lessons. After you've submitted the form we will contact you when a slot becomes available for the instrument you've selected. Slots are more likely to be available at the start of each term.

Parent/carer details:

Your child's details:

Individual 1-1 music lessons (low income cost in brackets):

Fees for a 10 week term 2023-24:

  • 20 minutes £158  (£118)

  • 30 minutes £236 (£177)

If starting mid-way through the term, we'll advise you of the number of lessons to pay for. The fee per lesson is:

  • 20 minutes £15.80  (£11.80)

  • 30 minutes £23.60 (£17.70)

Theory classes 10 week term:

  • 30 minute group lesson: £47 (£36)

Please see our timetable for days/times of theory classes.

We have some slots available for beginner paired lessons, and the fees are 50% less than for 1 to 1. More about paired lessons

Which lesson length would you prefer?
Which type of lesson would you like?
Your prefered day/s
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