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Music production 

Beats and Bass Music Production Course

Learn to make Hip Hop, Grime, Afro Beat and House in this course

Create music using digital music production software. Learn to make beats in a variety of modern styles.

Students registering this term will have the chance to gain a Bronze Arts Award in music production!

In this weekly class aimed at 11-16 year olds, students are given access to online music production software – Yustudio.

Students are set tasks and receive feedback from our specialist tutors to help them complete tracks, and can access tutorial videos to learn to produce music at home.

Participants will need to bring a set of headphones with 3mm mini-jack connection to the class.

In order to continue their work at home, students will need access to an internet enabled computer connected to headphones or speakers. No specialist music production equipment is required.

How to book

Beats and Bass is a Music School Group - please sign up for Music School Membership and select 'Beats and Bass' as the group you'd like to join.

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