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Request for 1-2-1 Zoom Music Lessons

Our Autumn term 1-2-1 music lessons are taught online using Zoom.

  • There are many benefits to online teaching, such as convenience (no need to travel), having time and space to warm up before the lesson and the availability of online musical resources to support the lesson.

  • Lessons can be taken for 20 or 30 minutes each week with one of our specialist instrumental or vocal tutors.

  • Online lessons can deliver an excellent musical experience for children and young people that is both fun and helps them to make progress with their instrument or voice.

  • Zoom lessons - parent information (pdf)

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1-2-1 zoom music lessons (low income cost in brackets):

20 minute lessons x 6 weeks £89.70 (£62.10)

30 minute lessons x 6 weeks £127.20 (£89.70)

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