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YouTube Tutorials

Search YouTube for tutorials

Try searching YouTube for tutorials on your instrument at your level. Search for the piece of music you're playing or a particular skill you're working on.


We've collated a list to get you started:



Theory Beginner

Flute Beginner


Flute Intermediate


Flute Advanced


Clarinet Beginner


Clarinet Intermediate


String Instrument Tuning

How to tune a Violin (for beginners) using a Digital Tuner

How to tune a cello

How to tighten slipping violin/viola/cello pegs

Violin Beginner

First 10 lessons

Violin Intermediate/Advanced

Vibrato -

Viola Beginner

Viola Intermediate/advanced

Finger exercises

Tone production


Cello Beginner

Cello Intermediate/advanced




Beginner mistakes

Explore more resources:

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