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Mini Musicians 0-6years

Mini Musicians for Babies and Toddlers

Our music courses for babies and toddlers are a fun way for parents and children to connect and explore music together.

Taught by professional musicians and Early Years Music Specialists our progressive curriculum uses a variety of musical activities to lay a foundation for future musicality, as well as helping children feeling more secure and confident when coping with new experiences.


Singing and movement are always at the heart of every session.  As repetition is very important to children at this stage the classes have a familiar framework each week but will always include some new challenge.  Daily routines such as nappy changing, bath time, meal times, waking, sleeping and even tidying up toys are more enjoyable if done through singing or playing musical instruments and dancing.

Mini Musicians Next Steps
Our Next Steps course for children aged 4-6 years continues to develop musical skills while helping children to become more independent in their learning. It also prepares them to carry on studying a musical instrument if they wish to do so.

Watch the Next Steps group at one of their rehearsals:







Videos and songs

Sing along with Mini Musicians at home:

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