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Behaviour policy

Music School behaviour policy


Whether you are a Waltham Forest Music School ensemble member or you receive individual or group lessons, you will be expected to uphold a high level of respect and decency while representing Waltham Forest Music School.

The following standards will be expected from all Music School members:

  • Remember to bring your instrument, music, practice diary and pencil to every lesson.

  • No talking during rehearsals, particularly when another section is playing or the leader is explaining something.

  • Check on the sign in table or with reception when you arrive for any rooms changes or events/concerts.

  • Treat all other students and staff with respect and kindness.

  •  No mobile phones are to be used during lessons or rehearsals

  •  No eating in lessons or rehearsals

  • No drinks besides water, which must have a lid.

  • Please put litter in the bins provided.

  • No running or playing around in the building.

  • In the event of a fire alarm, follow the instructions of your teacher.

  •  You should aim to practice at least 3 times each week between lessons. Without regular practice, you will be unable to progress.

  • Make sure any letters given to you are given to your parents as soon as possible.

  •  If you are worried about anything or unsure, don’t be afraid to ask.


Warning policy

Waltham Forest Music School will not tolerate behaviour that is disruptive to others or causes others distress or harm. Students found to consistently flout the guidelines listed above will be reported to the Deputy Head of Service. Then the following process will be put in motion.

  • First warning - the student will receive a verbal warning from Deputy Head and a letter home.

  • Second warning - if the behaviour persists the student will receive another letter home to be signed and returned and a phone meeting will be scheduled with parent/guardian(s).

  • Third warning - if the behaviour has still not been resolved, the students may be suspended or expelled from the Music School at the discretion of the Deputy Head. In certain circumstances, for example where a pupil has caused bodily harm to another person or has been found to have broken the law, the Deputy Head may decide to bypass the warnings and expel or suspend a student immediately.

By signing up for lessons or ensemble participation, you agree to the above outlined behaviour contract and the 3 warning system

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